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How AI will take over WordPress and Web Development

Artificial Intelligence shortly known as AI is a sector of Computer Science in which human-like intelligence is demonstrated by different machines. In other words, it is the similar types of intelligence displayed by the machines comparing to human intelligence. To make machines intelligent lots of training is necessary and for the training, a good collection of data set is required. When the data set is ready, the machine is trained for a certain period of time to make it intelligent. In the current era, the rise of the AI is beyond imaginable. It is getting more and more popular in almost every fields of technology. Artificial Intelligence is not only robots replacing human tasks as people thinking but it is more than that. AI is now more than just science fiction stories or stories from the tech news. We are very near to see driverless vehicles and automated robots capable of doing all household author tasks. 

AI is also taking its place in the world of internet. So the question is how AI is helping in web & WordPress Theme development? In web development, there are different major divisions. To develop a website, first, the designers create the design. Then the frontend developers convert the PSD design into HTML and give life to the design. It brings an interactive touch to the design. Then after the front-end development, the role of the back-end developers comes to play. The back-end developers add different features and functionalities and give life to a website. They give the final touch to complete a total website. Thus different websites, WordPress Themes & HTML Templates are created.

It’s sure that currently, it’s not possible to do the whole process just by using AI. It has taken a very limited place in the development sector. But in the future? Well, we never know. With the advancement of technology, we can tell that there will be a time in the near future when the AI will take over the design and web development. You might be confused or surprised to hear it. But AI has already taken its place in website designing, WordPress Theme designing, E-commerce, web content development and in more areas. Though to develop a website there are many necessary things to learn, will the machines be able to replace all of them? Well, firstly to talk about the design sector, already AI is working to take web design to a whole new level. Though creating a perfect design is not an easy task because of the requirement of creativity, AI has reduced much effort.

For example, at the very first stage of designing, the designers share their ideas. And based on the generated ideas the design is paper sketched and photographed. Then it is manually converted into a wireframe to make it development ready. As you can see it is a time-consuming process, with the help of AI now anybody can just upload the photograph of the design and it will automatically generate the prototype. Such a website is the Sketch2Code and it transforms any hand-drawn design into an HTML code with the help of AI. At first, it detects the design patterns with the help of the Object Recognition System. Then it understands the handwritten text with the help of the Text Recognition Service. Then it understands the design structure by detecting the objects and their positions by using an algorithm. Then, at last, a valid HTML is generated as the output of the whole process. Thus AI in web design is reducing much effort and saving a good amount of time.

And if we come to the web development sector, there are already different organizations that are working with AI to build websites. In some of those websites, we can see the AI assistant approach. It works with an AI assistant to help a client about anything that is necessary from providing general information to give them a guided tour to the website. And also the AI assistants are capable of answering any questions related to the website and finding the right product for you by just asking your requirements. So the use of AI is getting popular and popular in the development sector. Also, different other AI approaches are seen in the development sector. An important part of AI is machine learning. And by this process, the machine gets smarter and smarter by reading the data set. So in the near future with the help of machine learning, it will be very possible that the design and content of a website can be directly adapted. Clients will just have to tell their requirements and with the help of AI, the design will be provided to them almost instantly. Different popular companies are working with it. The AI system will be able to gather information about different types of the website a client looks for. The AI system will ask questions about the client requirements including the web page layouts, design, contents, and more specific information.

Is AI actually helpful for web development? 

It is definitely helpful in many points. It can ensure a quality user experience and can impress your visitors by the extra fancy features and functionalities. So AI is very effective in increasing the traffic of your website and making it attractive. Also in many e-commerce websites, AI applications can directly help you to find your product without going through every verity of them. You can just tell the AI assistant about the product specification and you will instantly get the product page without even browsing anything. This is a time saver and very accurate. Another fastest growing application of AI is the voice search optimization into your website. Now, most of the users are found to stay active on the internet rather than other electronic devices because of their ease. And the voice search has earned its spot in the applications of AI because it is much appreciated among mobile users. With the help of AI, it has got very easy to manage the contents. Based on what the users like the most, different applications of AI can suggest the new contents automatically for them. So the users can stay updated with the latest contents and never miss a thing.

What are its disadvantages?

If AI takes over all the technology related things then it’s obviously a threat for the people working in this industry. By the next couple of decades, if AI replaces and automates all these things then a large number of people can go totally jobless. This may include sectors like web designing, web development, mobile app design and so on.

The next thing is that the automated chat bots and services might be found not friendly most of the time. Most of the visitors often like an actual human interaction rather than any automated messages.

And also there may be security issues regarding the AI because no matter how smart the AI applications get, those applications cannot handle these issues as an actual human does.

Although there are both pros and cons of the AI, we can tell that AI will be very necessary for us in the future because of its uncountable positive sides. It will lessen much of our effort & time and make our life easy. We will be able to implement more featured and creative web designs and get modern looking websites without almost any efforts.          

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