How to build a Complete Website from Scratch

How to build a Complete Website from Scratch

How to build a Complete Website from Scratch

If you are wondering on how to build a website as a total beginner without having any kind of technical knowledge about coding and designing, you have come to the right place. Previously, creating a website was a difficult task to do because you had to learn the web development technologies like the HTML and CSS which would take three to four months or even more to learn. And it was not possible for each and everyone willing to learn those web development approaches because not everyone could catch those clearly. But the time has changed now and as a beginner, it is very easy to build a website from scratch without having any kind of technical or web development knowledge like before. This means, now you can build a website in no time without having any kind of coding knowledge and that is a great advancement of technology.

Technology has made it possible for anyone to create their dream website without any hard work. There are some steps for creating a website from scratch and today I am going to discuss those things which will give you the complete idea you need to start making your website just how you are expecting. You don’t have to be an IT expert, coding expert or have knowledge about managing domain and hosting services to build a website now, neither will it require a lot of money to invest.


So, firstly it will require you to know what specific things you will need to make your start and where to start. If you want to build a personal website or willing to create a site for your small business, then this process is perfect and will work like a charm.




Choose Your Website Builder





In the very first step, you need to think about what type of website builder or content management system you are going to use. The content management system is shortly known as CMS and it can manage the creation and modification of your digital content. Some of the most used CMS are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, TextPattern, Radiant CMS etc. Among them, WordPress is the most popular and commonly used content management system.

And as a beginner, WordPress is the most suitable website building platform for you because it is very simple to use having a lot of features. More and more people are getting interested in creating websites online because of the availability of these wonderful content management systems.


These website builders generally have drag and drop feature which makes it very simple for you to build your own website by just dragging and dropping the specific elements that you need in your website. That is why you don’t require any coding knowledge so if HTML and CSS are not easy for you to learn, you don’t need to worry. That is why by using a top quality website builder, anyone can build their expected website with that ease!





Pick Your Domain Name & Hosting Service






Once you have selected your content management system and decided in which platform do you want to build your website, it’s time for you to pick a domain name for your website. It is the most crucial part of the whole website building process because the domain name is basically the name of your website. So there are some facts you should keep in mind while choosing your domain name because your visitors will use your domain name to make a visit to your website. And that is why you should pick such a name which will be easy to type. It should also be short because short words take less time to type. If you make a personal website or a business website for your company, you should use the brand or company name as the domain name because it is more accurate. It will also be easy for the search engines to show your website at the top of the search result. You should also avoid numbers or any special characters while you pick your domain name because they might look unprofessional. After choosing the domain name you can include keywords and that will help the search engine to find your website in no time.

After choosing your domain name, it’s time to pick a web hosting service. What web hosting service does, it connects your web page to the internet which makes it accessible from any place just having an internet connection and a modern web browser. There are many web hosting service providers you can find on the internet who provides web hosting services within a very reasonable price. So you can contact with any web hosting service provider to get your web hosting service for your domain. So you must require a domain for the web hosting service. And in case you do not have a domain, the hosting service providers can also help you to buy your domain. There are different types of hosting services from which you can select the one which matches with your plan:


  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Collocation Hosting
  • Self Service Hosting


Shared Hosting is the most suitable for the beginners and also if you are on a low budget.





Install WordPress & Pick a Theme




After you have successfully managed your domain name and hosting service, it is the time to set up WordPress on your domain and make it ready. Installing WordPress is not a difficult task to do. You can setup it with just one click and WordPress will be ready to be used in your domain. Currently, most of the hosting providers provide one-click WordPress installation which makes it easy to set it up. To do so first you have to log in to your domain account and visit the control panel and from there you need to find the WordPress icon. Then after selecting the domain where you want to install WordPress, you just need to click the install now button and WordPress will be all ready to be used with your domain.


Once WordPress becomes ready to be used with your domain, you can buy a Multipurpose WordPress Theme from any of the developer companies. There are a lot of well-rated WordPress theme providers you can find and ThemeLooks is one of them. They are well known for the premium WordPress theme and templates and they have a strong profile in the Envato market.





You can check out more from to get an impressive collection of best WordPress theme and whmcs template for your website.

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