i cant find where to write report

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    i cant find where to write report. so i write here.

    i have 2 problem.

    1. how to off today disable delivery/pickup function

    2. why failed or incomplete order still appear order in foodbank page.

    please prely us asap. tq



    any updates.
    please help me.

    email from you i did not get.


    Hello, since you are not replying me in the support dashboard, so i will write here.

    1. I can’t find where to create the ticket in the support dashboard.

    2. Why i can’t disable the function of today delivery / pickup

    3. Why is the timing for delivery/ pickup does not follow the real time? for example, if real time is 6pm, the timing options should be 6pm onwards. Before 6pm timing should not be in the options.

    4. Today we try it LIVE. But one of our customer failed to make payment, however it appeared success in your foodbook order panel. But in woo commerce report, it appeared failed. So I think your system has bugs or error.

    That’s all. Please reply us and help us as soon as possible.

    For your information, i bought 2 plugin from you. I support you so you should have supported me back.

    Thank you.


    Dear Khir,

    As we can see you are a customer of our FoodBook plugin.

    So, please post your topic with details on the FoodBook forum.

    1. Go to this link https://www.themelooks.com/support/forums/forum/foodbook/
    2. Scroll down to post your topic to get assistance on your queries.

    Please Note: We are closing this topic because it’s not a related topic to this product. It’s a support forum of our Aadalot Theme.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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