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    Vladislav Goffman

    Hi there! Some of my numbers charged for incoming calls some of not. So lets imaged that Australia Brisbane are free incoming calls but Malbourne is cost 0.002 per minute and Sydney has 0.005 per minute. Also some of numbers has different setup and monthly price. How should I edit this code?

    {“country”: “Australia”,
    “country_code”: “AU”,
    “monthly_fee”: “4.99”,
    “incoming_calls_fee”: “N/A”,
    “setup_fee”: “68.00”,

    “categories”: [
    { “category_title”: “Brisbane”, “stock_numbers”: [“+61 73 9111356”, “+61 73 0535616”, “+61 73 1777386”] },
    { “category_title”: “Melbourne”, “stock_numbers”: [“+61 38 5184274”, “+61 38 3623773”, “+61 38 6521092”] },
    { “category_title”: “Sydney”, “stock_numbers”: [“+61 28 6078851”, “+61 28 0155618”, “+61 28 1034636”] }
    ] }

    Also how and where I can change email address using popup Signup Form to get an email with all settings chosen by customer? I meaning to get email notification like this

    Customer would like to have a phone number in: United States New York +1 646

    Customer choose: Standard Plan

    Forwarding to: Afghanistan


    Hi Vladislav,

    Please check out the provided documentation’s customize section to edit the Price Plans, Call Forwarding Price List, and Numbers Stock.

    Moreover, this is just a functional static form, not dynamic to get the email or make payment by customers or get the order. In this issue, you have to make it dynamic based on your needs to get the email or make payment by customers or get the order.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

    Vladislav Goffman

    there is no answer on my question! Read well my question!


    If you are asking for a custom feature about how to implement the feature then you need to customize the plugin based on your needs. Because it’s not cover our item support.

    Please learn more about our support policy (item support includes & not includes), here before post a topic or ask a question.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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