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    Please answer me quickly, my problem is that when I put a new ad on google ads, it is always refused for malware reason, it is surely a problem with your plugins I would like to have a solution as soon as possible, thank you.



    Dear CHOUAIB,

    We are sorry to say that there is no relation to the issue with our theme or plugins.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

    Liz Parker

    Fatal error with cmb2 plugin can you advise how to address please? All pages showing the following

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method CMB2_JS::add_field_data() in /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/CMB2_Field.php:1274 Stack trace: #0 /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/types/CMB2_Type_Base.php(65): CMB2_Field->register_js_data() #1 /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/types/CMB2_Type_Multicheck.php(36): CMB2_Type_Base->rendered(‘<ul class=”cmb2…’) #2 /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/CMB2_Types.php(625): CMB2_Type_Multicheck->render() #3 /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/CMB2_Types.php(101): CMB2_Types->multicheck() #4 /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/CMB2_Types.php(90): CMB2_Types->_render() #5 /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/CMB2_Field.php(929): CMB2_Types->render() #6 /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/CMB2_Base.php(315): CMB2_Field->render in /home1/info121/public_html/public/wp-content/plugins/cmb2/includes/CMB2_Field.php on line 1274


    Hello Liz,

    Please update the cmb2 plugin to get rid of the issue.

    Moreover, please create your own topic instead of posting a reply to someone else created posts. Because the post creator can feel bothered by getting unexpected notifications of every reply of his/her created post.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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