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    Sarfraz Arshad


    I am unable to load Pricing Table Filter Settings on following page:


    That module opening in case new, but i am editing it in your demo data. Actually it took time when there it have 7, 8 plans in it. How can we reduce time of its loading !

    On Domains demo page pricing module take 2, 3 min to load and this ssl page pricing module take more than 10 min.

    I have dedicated server with no capping from LVE and 32gb of RAM , PHP scripting memory is set to 8000MB.

    Please tell me how to decrease time on fully loaded pricing module in less time!

    Sarfraz Arshad


    Sarfraz Arshad

    Check this screenshot…

    View post on

    This is on SSL page where this module is holding 8 Plans as in demo. I want to do changes in these plans. But Its keep loading on more than 10 min or so but no result.

    I tried several time. Theme and JS composer is updated to latest version you have on Themeforest.


    Hi Sarfraz,

    Are you facing the same loading issue of our theme demo SSL page?

    Moreover, send your website URL to review the issue.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

    Sarfraz Arshad

    Is there any way to share login details privately !

    Sarfraz Arshad

    I just able to load pricing table and remove 2 and 3 year pricing options now its only 1 year pricing.

    Also i have removed products 8 to 4.

    Now this module have 4 products under 1 year pricing option. But still taking so much time. Last time it loaded after 15 min. Right now its 5 min gone but no result.

    Sarfraz Arshad

    i think i have sorted out my issue… My internet is 10MBps connection. Here it took more than 10 min..

    I tried on my Windows USA based serer where i have 1GBPs network, there it took only a second and module loaded.

    Means that module is so heavy and took so much minuted to send query and get the result. Can we decrease the time of the query !


    Are you facing the same loading issue of our theme demo SSL page?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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