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    I’m having an issue slowing down the home slider.

    In “main.js”:

    Iv Added: animateOut: ‘fadeOut’,
    *To give a nicer fade in effect

    Iv Changed:
    smartSpeed: 1200,
    autoplaySpeed: 800,
    *No matter what I set them too I cannot make the slider wait longer before moving to next slide.


    Hi There,

    Please follow the steps below to adjust the slider speed.

    1. Open main.js file from js folder
    2. Find the comment OWL CAROUSEL
    3. Check out the screenshot for next steps

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team


    I tried that and no change.




    Maybe, it’s your server or browser cache issue. In this issue, you could clear your server and browser cache to check the changes.

    By the way, it was a tested solution. However, if the solution is not working for you, then you could contact with OWL CAROUSEL for a solution or review their docs, here

    This is because, it’s a 3rd party plugin that we have used in our template. So, if the extra features of the plugin are not working, then there is nothing in our hands to help. In this issue, only the author of the plugin can provide you a solution.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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