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    Kristjan Kruus


    Maintaining the subject headings such as About, Services, Work, etc. then a one-page menu will work if I translate these into my native one more page menu does not work. Hopefully this will be covered by the support service and you can tell me which file to edit if I want to translate About, Services, Team, Contact etc


    Hi There,

    We are really sorry to say that, we are unable to understand your issue.

    Could you please clear us, what are you exactly want to translate?

    Do you wanting to translate the section title or Navigation Label (menu name) or menu URL?

    If you want to change/translate the section ID (menu URL), then the menu will not work (check out the screenshot as reference ). If you will change/translate the section id from section file, then it will break the section style.

    In this issue, you don’t need to translate the URL like #about to #something else, because, the URL will not show in the browser address bar. So, just translate the Navigation Label (menu name) based on your section title.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

    Kristjan Kruus

    Sorry for posting a confusing post! I found the same solution that you offered!

    Thank you!


    It’s alright.

    Please don’t forget to give us ‘rating and review’ (on ), if you like our Theme and our support too. It will make us more ‘happy’ to support.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeLooks Support Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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